MySketch® is a super easy and free web-based floor planner to document and visualize real construction projects. It is used to easily create technical drawings for kitchens, houses, garden, apartments, garages and many more, but also more specific things such as seating-, escape- and venue-plans.

It is different from other flash-based internet tools out there because it has features that also satisfy professional use such as 3D walkthrough, facade drawings, social communication, process documentation etc.


We founded MySketch because we all had major problems when we had our houses built, renovated our apartments and decorating our homes. There were no tools that solved our problems we experienced such as overblown budget and broken timeframes but also just simple things as placing tiles with our own patterns or calculating how much materials one need to buy. The home construction business is huge all over the world and there are so much information scattered everywhere on the internet on how to do it the best way, so we figure it would be better to collect the collaborative knowledge right into the source of all these projects making social technical drawings. We want to help leverage the knowledge out there to create better designs you never thought was even possible. We get inspiration from creative social building tools such as Sims and Minecraft.

Who we are

We are a Swedish startup company (Virtuell Media i Sverige AB) with 3 founders. We know the ins and outs of how to grow an internet business having created and sold several successful businesses using social media.

Patrik Högberg

(Founder and CEO) email, personal blog, LinkedIn
Technical guru that makes wonders with computers

Charlotte Högberg

(Founder) email, Pinterest profile
User interface and design expert, makes complicated things so darn simple

Jan Byrmo

(Founder) email, LinkedIn
Marketing expert and have a lot of experience on how to successfully monetize social media

Our references

Our speciality is social media and future web technologies and have several previous success stories:

  • is a very popular Swedish social web site about parenting, having around 2 million visitors/month
    We founded this site in 2003 when we got children and realize how important the parenting were. It is now Swedens largest and most visited niche community. We exported this community successfully to Poland in 2007,
  • is Swedens largest wedding community, having around 300 000 visitors a month. We founded this web site in 2000 after we got married and found out about how complicated the wedding planning were. The site contains a popular forum and community, wedding planning tools and a lot of information about weddings.
  • is a Swedish funural community we just recently founded in 2010, it is becoming a very popular place to seek information about how to plan and organize a funural. It is already the most visited site in its category in Sweden and is rapidly growing.
  • Lingscape Ltd is an Australian company we founded in 1996 selling multi language translation tools for developers of desktop software and web sites.
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