Which browsers are fully supported

All browsers with native support for SVG works very well. In Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 we are using VML instead but there are some issues we need to fix before it can be fully supported. Since all latest major webbrowsers support SVG, including Internet Explorer 9 this tool should work well in those

Almost all features have been confirmed to work well on later versions of: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9, iPhone, iPad, Android 3, Firefox mobile

MySketch runs fastest on Chrome

Can I use MySketch completely free?

Yes, it is free for all non-commercial use. You can create unlimited nr of projects/designs and join other projects as much as you like completely free of charge.

What can I use MySketch for?

You can use it for your construction projects, renovation, decoration etc. Since this is a collaborative tool we aim to include a lot of social features using the power of layers and revisions

I have some suggestions for improvements, how do I tell your development team?

You can get in contact with our development team using our forum. Click on Forum and post your questions there and we will help you out.

I have found bugs that needs to be adressed

You can send your bug reports to support@mysketch.se and we will try to solve it ASAP. Pleease provide information on how to reproduce the problem, which browser and OS you are using.

How do I save my drawings?

They are stored automatically in the application (HTML 5 Application), which means that you can close the browser and open it upp again later and have the latest modifications restored. If you work on different computers you will need to create an account and login in on each computer, the drawings will then be synchronized between all your browsers, computers, phones and pads automatically

Do I have to be online on the internet to use the tool

No, this is a real HTML5 application and it means that it downloads everything locally on your computer just as a normal application. If you loose internet connection you can continue to work and as soon as the internet connection comes back your work will automatically be synchronized with the internet cloud if you are loggin in. In the upper right corner you will have an online/offline status for your convenience.

The designs I create is not listed in the public gallery

First, your webbrowser must synchronize the designs you create with our server - this happens automatically if you are online and logged in to a MySketch account. Secondly, you must select “shared by All” under project settings.

Are there any more symbols I can use

At the moment we have just provided a standard symbol library, however we are currently creating a tool so that you can easily create new symbols as you need them. All user contributed symbols will also be available for other users so we will get a gigantic library of symbols for every purpos possible. Each symbol is a JavaScript entity, so they can dynamically have different functionality in the drawing and only the fantasy will be your boundary in your creativeness.

A lot of features does not seem to work/activated yet, what is your plan with MySketch

We believe in creating a tool that solves real problems and needs, to do this we have decided to release this tool in an early development stage for everybody. This way we can adapt and better create a tool for real life scenarios.

New features and bug fixes will be pushed everyday to the “live” servers you are working on and we will fix major problems instantly to try to maintain a stable platform

During december 2011-march 2012 we are working on these features:

  • A wide standard symbol library for home and renovation needs
  • Fixing bugs and putting all basic functionality into the tool
  • Custom symbol library editor - create your own library of symbols if none matches your needs
  • Project managements - lists, budget, information etc
  • Language translator - help translate the tool to any local language and culture using our online translation tool
  • More social features, like notifications pinns with comments etc

I want to calculate square of floors, walls and cielings, is it possible

Yes we are working on it. It will be a a calculator that will take care of mass-calculation. It will take wall-widths, cut-outs and other structure blocks in consideration and present it in a list

How about 3D, when will it be available?

3D-walkthrough, overview and perspective views will be available 15 march 2012. We have brought the best of the gaming world using Unity with realistic lighting and environments. This means that all your 2D drawings made in MySketch will have automatic 3D walkthrough.

Can I save an image, like GIF, PNG or JPEG of the drawing?

Yes, we are working on this right now.

Is it possible to import MySketch drawings into AutoCad or other CAD software?

Yes, the drawing is already in a vectorized format so you can easily save in DWG or other vector format and import it into your CAD software

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