Non-Commercial Use

Users and non-commercial organizations can use MySketch application with no permission required and without paying a licensing fee as long as you abide the General Terms (see below). Please note that if you are a “non-profit institution” this does not necessarily imply that your use is “non-commercial”.

Here's the free non-commercial license

If you have any questions about your use of MySketch please contact us.

Commercial Use

Commercial users can purchase licenses on-line through the order page.

This is examples of commercial use:

  • use at or for a commercial enterprise
  • use for financial gain, personal or otherwise
  • use by government agencies
  • use by a telecommunication or Internet service provider company
  • use at home or while traveling for work for which You will be paid
  • use in connection with administering a commercial web site
  • use in connection with the provision of professional service for which You are compensated (including paid system administration)
  • bundling or integrating the Software with any hardware product or another software product for commercial
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