MySketch is FREE

All features completely free 1). Create unlimited nr of projects/designs. For your convenience we also backup your plans in our servers when you login.

Super easy to use

Clean, responsive and user-friendly interface makes it suitable for any type of construction planning (start trying out designs within seconds of first use). If you find a kitchen you like in the gallery, just klick copy and paste it into your own design just like that, it will automatically adapt the kitchen to your measurements. In fact, we believe this is the fastest and easiest way in the world to document construction projects.

Community based design resources

Just like popular construction communities such as Minecraft and Sims all resources are user-contributed and can instantly be re-used by other users. You can for example create your own symbols, library, 3D models, furnitures or why not add another language.

Work together in real time

Several people can work with the same plan in real-time and instantly see each other's modifications through online layers. Brings collaborative knowledge into every plan increasing functionality and solutions to all projects

Scale 2D floor or sections

With the facade view of interior and exterior drawing, it is fun to try out designs/furnings for real life scenarios

Realistic 3D overview and walkthrough

It is like playing Sims as the kids do but with real furnitures and construction projects. We are using the best gaming engine available today with realistic lighting making it difficult to distinguish from reality. Impress your friends and invite them into your design for a 3D walkthrough, don't be surprised if they jaw-drop.


Can be included in any web-page, blog, mobile or social network

Works everywhere

MySketch 2D works on all computers, phones, pads and gaming consoles that have a modern web browser. 3D works on the most popular systems (Windows: XP SP2 or later; Mac OS X: Intel CPU & “Leopard” 10.5 or later) and smartphones/pads (Apple IOS and Android). Support for PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii is coming soon. MySketch even works without internet connection. Using cutting edge HTML5 canvas and local storage embraced by all modern devices such as mobiles, browsers, pads, TV-sets and gaming consoles

Integration with social networks

MySketch is integrated into Facebook as an application and you can interact with your friends inside MySketch projects

1) Free for non-commercial use
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